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The Metro adride caravans

The 6 pack

There are thousands of New Yorkers who are in need of your services or goods. How many of them are aware of your business? Metro NY and AdRide have created a revolutionary marketing concept tailored to drive traffic to your business by delivering your message straight to the heart of the marketplace. The Metro AdRide offers a multi-channeled marketing campaign that uses tactics to cross-promote, support, and reinforce one another. The Metro AdRide Caravan incorporates a wide range of proven advertising techniques that generates a high impact response from your target consumers.
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AdRide and Metro (NYC’s #1 free daily newspaper) have teamed up to introduce the most comprehensive and innovative advertising experience in New York City.

“Your bus-shelter sized mobile billboard ad will be part of a caravan that is circulating strategic hot-spots while creating mini... Click for more information »
AdRide Outdoor Advertising
“The caravan’s AdRiders act as your Brand Ambassador, strengthening its visibility.” “Our professional Brand Ambassadors will be educated about your... Click for more information »
Professional Brand Ambassador
“Your advertisement will feature on New York’s #1 Free Daily Circulating Newspaper.” “The advertisement will display on twelfth print ads... Click for more information »
Metro Center-Page AD
“Your promotion featured in the best online source for sweepstakes, deals and coupons in NYC!” “ClubMetro will increase your internet... Click for more information »
Club Metro Listing
“Brand Ambassadors interacting with target audience and distributing your promotional offer in thousands of consumer hands!” “Each 1/8 page booklet,... Click for more information »
Coupon Booklet Distribution
“Each booklet, billboard and Metro AdRide center-page spread is outfitted with a QR Code directing qualified potential customers to ClubMetro.”... Click for more information »
Viral Mobile Marketing