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Metro adride caravans

We know that putting your business on NYC’s map is extremely expensive and a major undertaking. We also know that as a business owner, you must be constantly searching for cost effective opportunities how to increase customer traffic and bring more clients/shoppers to your doorstep.

Well, here is your opportunity…
Imagine caravans of high-tech billboards, circulating throughout NYC’s hot-spots, turning heads while giving out your promotional info, leaving an impression and impacting the local neighborhood.

Introducing The Metro AdRide Caravans
Our revolutionary market concept is tailored to drive traffic to your business by delivering your message straight to the heart of the marketplace, creating an incredible presence with your target audience. To learn more visit our media page.

We’ve created a high-impact marketing solution that truly works!

  • Our professional Brand Ambassadors, operating the AdRides, will be educated about your business. This will allow them to romote and reach-out to target audiences, interact, distribute coupon booklets all while calling for action and direct otential customers to your business.
  • Caravans operate (5) days a week (M-F), run for (7) hrs. a day, during (4) weeks. That’s (140) hours a month of exposure time within key areas of NYC.
  • Each booklet carries the advertiser’s promotional info plus a QR Code leading qualified customers to our interactive online landing-page, where they will be exposed to your message and have the opportunity to visit your website, social media page, app or your digital promotional campaign. The unique QR Code is also outfitted on all AdRide panels.